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Shade Select offer warranty in accordance with local legislation, laws and guidelines and will always strive to remedy any and all warranty related issues as soon as they arise. Like you, we appreciate being well taken care of by our suppliers.

Shade select will warrant all products and installations (if applicable) to be free from defects in material and workmanship on the normal use for 24 months From the date of installation. This warranty is only valid to the original purchaser and is not transferable. Manufacturers warranties on certain products exceeding 24 months will incur a callout fee is and hourly rates charge directly to the customer. Fabric warranty is void if manufacturers fabric care instructions are not followed correctly and result in damaged, deformed or discoloured fabric.

Most of our products sold to retail customers come with a 5 year manufacturer-backed warranty. This means, when we sell you a product, service or item - we simply pass on the warranty of our manufacturers. Some products possess a supplier-warranty in excess of the 5 year period and this too will be passed on whenever possible or applicable. Some products have 10 and even 15 year warranties from the manufacturer.

Below you will find links to many of our manufacturers' & suppliers' warranty conditions and information about industry-based norms & expectations on your products.  

Repairs or replacement will be made with like or similar parts and products, and exclude the cost of removal and re-installation in some circumstances where access equipment, scaffolding, or difficult access is required. Our products warranty does not cover any conditions or damages resulting from misuse or abuse, accidents, alterations, neglect, damage by others, natural disasters, electrical anomalies, exposure of electronics to water, or failure to follow standard usage instructions in reference to the correct use and maintenance of our products.

In no event shall Shade Select be liable or responsible for incidental or consequential damages or for any other direct or indirect damage loss cost expense or fee resulting from the purchase, use, alteration, modification, failure to maintain or misuse of our products, solutions or services.

All care is taken and precautions made, however no responsibility is accepted if during installation hidden services i.e. water pipes electric cables are damaged due to lack of information provided to Shade Select or is contracted installers. The customer or homeowner must make Shade Select aware or provide necessary information/plans or diagrams to reduce the risk or prevent damage from occurring. If damage occurs the customer/owner must repair damages at their own expense. 

Product Expectations:

Products sold and supported by shade select all come with a quality guarantee. Shade select only sell and support quality products that are designed to last and backed by local, Australian warranties.

Many of our products are easy to clean and come with built in self cleaning properties but still require regular maintenance. Please refer to our cleaning and maintenance section for further info.

To obtain the maximum life from our awning and blind products the following points should be noted and followed:

Keep the fabric clean by hosing regularly to remove dust bird droppings and other solid particle

Do not apply detergent cleaning fluids are insecticides. Bleach products should not be used to clean the PU coating on the underside of waterproof Acrylic fabrics or any product, without prior approval from or recommendation by Shade Select.

Do not allow bird droppings, earth, sand, or vegetable matter to remain in contact with the fabric.


It is important that any wet blind, awning or product is to be let down to dry after wet weather and should not be rolled up or stowed away when wet.

Acrylic Fabrics

While all care is taken to ensure the best possible result, some acrylic fabrics can either be manufactured with, develop, or portray some characteristics over time. While these characteristics may appear to be imperfections, they are within the 'Blind Manufacturers Association of Australia' industry guidelines for natural imperfections and irregularities and a perfectly normal and are nothing to worry about. 

No claim will be recognised for fading of fabric on leading edges of acrylic fabrics when they are exposed to higher and more constant levels of sunlight.  


Mesh Fabrics:

Mesh fabrics can tolerate a lot of abuse. Prolonged or focussed heat sources (outdoor heaters etc) above 65ºC will result in permanent 'sag' in most mesh fabrics. 

When installing a mesh product wider than 4.2m, you will notice some 'smiles' or 'perceived sag' when viewing the mesh from side-on. 

No claim will be recognised for fading of fabric on leading edges of mesh fabrics when they are exposed to higher and more constant levels of sunlight.  

Side-zips (Zipscreen/Conservatory/Screeny/etc):

The zips on any and all 'zip-style' products are manufactured by hand and as such will 

have potential to be made with slight imperfections in their manufacturing process. 

This can differ from blind to blind and zip to zip and is not a fault or recall-worthy 

imperfection. Some things can be done to reduce the waviness of the zips and these

include the following:

  • Leaving your sip-system out in the sun and allowing the sun's heat to relax the zips after

  • being rolled up.

  • Winding the system to the lower limit minus a few mm to apply bottom bar weight back 

  • onto the fabric and its zippers, resulting in flatter zips.

  • Adding weight to the bottom rail (this is an option for most systems and is supplied

  • automatically by Shade Select whenever the system will benefit from added weight).

  • Adding (if not optioned for) ultra-locks or lock-down devices. 

Note: both images shown on this page are of the exact same blind.

Left: with the bottom rail raised a few mm from ground level. Right: with the bottom rail sitting on the ground and the fabric un-wound too far off the top tube. 

Curtain Fabrics: (& general information on industry standards for imperfections)


Plantation Shutters:


Internal Blinds:

Samples shown are a guide only. Colours and textures my very due to differences between production runs. While every attempt is made to supply your order in the same die lot, it cannot be guaranteed that a matching delight can be supplied at a later date. Cupping a.k.a. slight curling from the edges may occur with some fabrics. Coming up to a few centimetres is an acceptable allowance within industry standards.

Fabric fading claims will be recognised within the given time of 24 months if they do not perform to the textile standard and guidelines of Australian standards AS 2663.1–1997, AS 2663.2–1999, AS 2663.3.1999 and AS 2678–1999. No claim will be recognised for fading of fabric on leading edges of blind fabrics when they are exposed to higher and more constant levels of sunlight.  

Child safety:

You, the customer hereby agrees in accordance with Shade Select and our instructions as well as all government or regulatory requirements including but not limited to the various child safety regulations.

The purchaser also accepts on receipt of the goods there responsibility to retain or install all products supplied by shade select with all child safety labels stickers and devices intact and fitted correctly in accordance with legislative requirements. 


the Please choose carefully as cancellations will not be accepted after payment is made and order is in production. If cancellation is required any fees incurred from progress of manufacture will be passed on to the customer. Please take care as 99% of all products sold by Shade Select are custom-manufactured to the millimetre.

Warranty exclusions:

Installation and usage not in accordance with standard sizes, installation and operating instructions. (We can, & often inform our customers if a requested product is outside of our manufacturer's standard warranty, so please ask if you seek further clarification.)

Product has been used to perform tasks or functions other than what it was designed to handle.

Product is used with electrical accessories (switches/relays/etc) or implements (hooks/handles/etc) that have not been previously suggested or approved in writing by Shade to select.

Down pipes & connection to storm water drainage.

Approvals, licenses, permits and other fees from building authorities.

Cranes, scaffold, scissor lifts or other access equipment required for safe installation.

Engineering of site structure, scaffold or frame work.

If warranty issues occur, it is the owner/builder's responsibility to provide access or lifting equipment required.

Full & complete warranty is covered by Shade Select and its suppliers for items and articles but does not always completely cover the labour required to replace or repair the faulty components.

Shade Select always strive to absorb 100% of warranty claims and only extremely-rarely do we need to apply charges for warranty parts to be replaced, repaired or made-good. This notice is provided solely as precautionary advice only.

Ask us for more information on our warranty terms & conditions or see above for more information or get in touch with us for your product, project or items' specific warranty needs.


Warranty + Terms & Conditions

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