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But First... What is included in the prices?

Prices are provided using standard powder-coat colours and mesh fabrics.

Any additional options are sold separately.

Prices can be used to accurately estimate the overall cost of your project without the need

for an onsite or 'covid-friendly' remotely undertaken shade consultation. These prices are to be used as a guide. 

Standard powder coat colours:

Black, White, Clear AnodisedMonumentClassic Cream,  Woodland Grey,Paperbark, Surfmist, Shale Grey & many more! 

Standard Fabrics:

Outlook Mode PVC Mesh (95% blockout) - includes over 30 colours, Including; Black, White, Monument Woodland Grey, Surfmist, Shale Grey & many more! 

Want to see a sample? Book a shade consultation and we will show you the range. If you're just browsing, we can post you a sample. (Please allow 7-10 days for your free sample to arrive) 

Motor Options:

Simu (French Made) radio controlled motor with two (2x) remote - in case you lose or break one! 

Acmeda (Chinese) radio radio controlled motor with two (2x) remote - in case you lose or break one!

All our radio motors are compatible with Wi-Fi smart home systems, (Apple's 'Siri', Amazon's 'Alexa', & Google's 'Google Home Assistant'); with the purchase of a Wi-Fi Hub - Sold Separately). Ask us to learn more about this or to see a demo.

Manual Operation:

If you want to open and close your zipscreen quickly, the Spring Option is the way to go. 

If you are planning on buying one or two screens, the manual gearbox operation makes raising and lowering a breeze.

Headbox Or No Headbox:


The optional headbox will provide superior protection to your blind system, motor and fabric while reducing the need for cleaning. The headbox provides a sharp, modern look and increases curb-appeal or backyard envy at the same time!

Adding a headbox will help seal your alfresco area. 


No desire for a headbox or adding any envy to your neighbourhood? Thats cool, you can still enjoy an enclosed space but you should expect a few additional un-invited guests (insects) the headbox adds to the barrier created.

Red Numbers, Green Numbers:


The prices within the Green areas are recommended by the manufacturer and will look better, work better, be easier to operate and generally last a bit longer than red.


While being able to purchase, install and use your Zipscreen blinds, you may experience some minor ripples, waving or 'smiling' of the fabric when viewed from some angles. This is unavoidable and is within the norm of the product - when over-sizing.

Red numbers are less resilient to higher winds than green. Ask us for more information on using Zipscreen Blinds in windy conditions.

Installation included:

Our prices include installation by fully qualified installers that could probably install with their eyes shut. The included install charge allows standard access, parking and suitability of either face fix or reveal fixed installation. Any custom installation options will be approached as a case-by-case.

Shade Select always re-calcuates our prices to ensure you get the best overall solution for the best possible price.

Electrical Connection To Power:

None of these prices include electrical connection to power by a licensed electrician. Our network includes highly trained and licensed electricians that are knowledgeable in all aspects of installing a vast array of gadgets associated with outdoor awnings and blinds. 

We can include this into your project pricing or we can put you in touch with them so you can organise it yourself.

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