Retractable Roof Systems

Add a dynamic and useable outdoor space to your restaurant or an entire new room to you home!

With a retractable roof system you can:

  • Experience the next level of home-living! 

  • Add the ability to warm your home during winter without expensive heaters. 

  • Keep your home cooler during the hotter months, automatically!

  • Let the elements control your Retractable Roof System with a rain sensor, wind sensor, temperature or sunlight sensor.

  • WiFi controls also allow remote control and simple weekly or daily scheduling

A Motorised & Automated Retractable Roof System with: Built-in Remote operated & dimmable LED lighting, a light-filtering waterproof Soltis W96 membrane and custom 'Dune' powder coating above a timber deck with a motorised Stainless Steel Cable Guided straight drop outdoor blind. 

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